Bridal tasting

To book a bridal tasting, kindly have a look at the options below, and contact us for availability at TEL 021 871 1330 or

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  • OPTION 1

    The bridal pair come and taste micro-cakes of their flavour choices in our kitchen and take a small 10cm diameter version of the cake(s) home to try with friends and family, before making a final decision. SINGLE TASTING Our single flavour combination is comprised of the selection of one cake sponge with an accompanying filling or frosting flavour of your choice. DOUBLE TASTING The double tasting would be the selection of two cake sponge flavours, each with its own filling and frosting flavour.

  • OPTION 2

    Very similar to option 1, except the take-home 10cm diameter cake(s) fall away. The bridal pair come in to taste micro-cake tasters only. A single tasting then includes one sponge, filling and frosting combo. The double tasting includes two sponge, filling and frosting combos. A triple tasting includes three sponge, filling and frosting combos, and a quadruple tasting includes four sponge, filling and frosting combos.