Our Love

Café Frenchie is an eatery inspired not only from my Contemporary French appreciation of finer things and roots of my home town Paarl where I stay on Le Joubert Wine Farm but also my love for the breed of the Frenchie dog.

A good coffee shop is not a simple formula of; good location + good beans + good equipment = good coffee shop. Instead, it is like pretty much everything else in life; Raw talent + hard work = good results. The new takes and twists the industry offers allows a platform that I work from.
It is my intention to build a culture of taking care of people who come into my shop. It is about honouring the space that good food, coffee and wine occupy in people’s lives. It’s a taste experience, a daily ritual, a social engagement and fuel for the day – a craft that allows me to remain curious and push myself on techniques and above all else, learn to taste. Being the head barista means; learn, practice, hone your skills , teach and set a standard .

Born in 2017, Café Frenchie offers an experience to the senses. An authentic environment where people are drawn together to; a relaxed, but upmarket space where the detail of the design is as important as the food and the presentation thereof. It is the warmth of the heart and generosity of the spirit that you will find here.

>> VISIT US Find us in the heart of Paarl on the Bergriver Boulevard