Specialised pâtisserie, in true French style. Cakes for any occasion.

“I love the art of cake decorating – that feeling when you get it on the table and walk away. You know you did something for someone’s special day. It is very rewarding …”Jaydee Joubert

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  • Founder and owner of Café Frenchie, Jaydee Joubert, has loved baking since she was a child. Growing up with all the women in her family who were always cooking, baking and filling the house with the wonderful smells of homemade food, Jaydee decided to continue this tradition, making Sunday lunches and birthday cakes her speciality, realising that making people happy with food is what she loves!
  • The Café Frenchie Pâtisserie has grown from Jaydee’s passion for food, people, art and creativity. When people come together to celebrate special moments, they need a special cake. The Cafê Frenchie Pâtisserie is here to turn every celebration into a sweet memory, creating custom cakes for every occasion, in true French style. Using only the best recipes and quality ingredients, we add our creative and stylish touch to every cake we craft.
“Romance is the Icing but Love is the Cake.”Julia Child